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Montgomery Kiddie Kollege preschool is one of Davis county’s oldest. It opened in the fall of 1968. The original owners and operators were Chester and Beverly Montgomery, long time residents of West Point, Utah. Chester drew the plans and built the school block by block, along with help from family, neighbors and some subcontractors for such things as electricity and plumbing.

The school is located on the West Point Road, or 300 North as it is referred to today. It is situated about 100 feet off of the main road and the three rooms that compose the school have a total of about 2500 square feet. The rooms are large and spacious and have lots of natural lighting. They are well maintained during the school year with painting and other general upkeep done on a scheduled basis.

The owner and operator of the school now is Annice Nixon who is the only daughter of Chester and Beverly Montgomery. Annice worked along side her mother from the inception of the school and until the death of Grandma Beverly in 2007. At that time the school fell into her hands. Annice’s assistant is her daughter, Liseanne, who learned the program by working closely with Grandma Beverly and now she works closely with her mother, Annice.

Play Area
The play area for the children is completely enclosed by chain link fence which is 6 feet high in the play area.

There are different toys and things for the children to use when they are outside. Outside supervision consists of at least two teachers. The main gate is closed during school hours. The property is maintained by Annice’s husband and others as needed.

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Dropping Off & Picking Up
There is a paved drive around for discharging and picking up the children. Children are supervised very closely when they are picked up after school. Established driving patterns for dropping off and picking up children, if closely followed, will lessen the burden of extra traffic on the street at starting and ending times during the day. You really need to follow the traffic procedures when they are explained to you. Please remember when dropping off and picking up students to not block driveways and mailboxes.

There is an entrance to the school from the east park in West Point. Feel free to use the gate anytime you want to enter the school. We ask that you secure the gate latch and the locking pin when you enter or exit the school via the park entrance.

The teachers in the school are all mothers or grandmothers and all have had many years of experience in raising children and teaching the established program at the school. They do not teach what they want but rather follow an outline that has been put in place and is constantly being upgraded to fit the times and seasons. Many of the teachers are family related. Meet our teachers.

The school provides graham crackers and a drink for each child. However, with birthday treats and the four yearly parties, other things are offered during the year. An automatic dishwasher insures that eating and drinking utensils are properly washed and sterilized after the refreshment time is over.

The school maintains contact with parents via e-mail, texting, the old fashioned way of sending notes home with children, voice mail, and a Website that is maintained. The website is a valuable asset in remembering what you signed up for during parent orientation. The school phone number is 801-825-2604 and is equipped with voice mail that is checked in the evening after school is over and in the morning before school starts. In the event that school has to close due to inclement weather or some other emergency, the notice will be posted on the website and a message so indicating on the voice mail. Every effort will be made to contact you personally also.